President Sarah Palin

Dose the sound of President Palin not make your stomach churn? Sarah Palin is not prepared or experienced enough to potentially become the president of The United States. I don't care how many of John McCain's doctors say he's healthy, 72 is 72, and any man can bite the dust at that age. McCain's age and history with cancer are a big a concern to me because I cannot imagine The United States of America being led under the wing of Sarah Palin. If she can't handle talking to the press, what's going to happen when she has to meet with hostile foreign dipomats? Let's not forget that an untimely McCain death isn't the onlyway for Failin' Palin to become president. He can become too ill, impeached, or assassinated. Don't just disregard that like it can't happen. It can. And it has happened in the past.

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