Young Black People NEED To Get Registered

How many young black people like me have friends that claim Obama is the best thing to happen since the 15th amendment? How many of those friends are registered? Not even half of mine are. Trend. Young black people are not getting themselves registered. Problem. All the support from young black people doesn't count if they don't vote. I realized this dilemma while watching the presidential debate on Friday 26th. I watched the debate with a group of young, avid, black Obama supporters. They all also had no clue where to go to get registered.

The debate, was in most people's opinion, won by Barack Obama. 46% of the debates viewers felt that Obama won, leaving 34% for John McCain. The results surprisingly favored Obama even though the debate emphasized foreign policy, McCain's strong suit. Obama's strength is domestic policy, which is the topic of the next debate.

If you watched the debate, and are an Obama fan like me, you wouldn't be surprised to hear these results. Obama kept McCain on defense while keeping his calm swag. McCain looked like that kid on the playground that just smiles when he doesn't know how else to handle get embarrassed by the school bully. To the average Obama supporter, it just seems like Obama is clearly the better candidate than McCain in almost every way possible. He has better plans for domestic and foreign policies, is a better public speaker, and doesn't have the clueless Sarah Palin as a running mate.

But just because Obama is ahead in the polls now doesn't mean his supporters can relax. Obama's supporters, like my friends and I, are of the younger and minority demographics. The thing to take note of is that these are the demographics that are least likely to get registered and actually vote. McCain controls the older vote which is the demographic most likely to show up to the voters booth. If you are an of age Obama supporter, you NEED to get registered and make sure you go out and vote. VOTE OR DIE. You also need to influence your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you know to get themselves registered and vote. Your support for Obama means nothing if you don't vote and influence others to vote as well.

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