The up and coming Star Trak band Chester French is releasing their first EP next week. They put out this statement about it, and I just can't wait to here the full album.

--This is a reminder, Chester Heads....

Our EP, "She Loves Everybody," which features fantastically mixed and mastered versions of "She Loves Everybody" and "The Jimmy Choos" and amazing remixes (The Neptunes and Steve Aoki's version of "She Loves Everybody" and El P's remix of "The Jimmy Choos"), comes out NOVEMBER 11TH!! That's next week Tuesday!!

The EP will be available on iTunes and Amazon (and links to buy it will be right here as well). Mark it down on your calendar, tell twenty friends and then, next tuesday, it's Chester Day!!!

Okay guys, we're gonna go continue celebrating Obama's election (holy shit!!!)...

-DA & Max

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